Supporting America’s Troops & their Families in the Classroom

family-in-front-lawn.jpg Texas is home for more troops including reserves than the rest of the States, outside of California, which means more families and children face the obligations of service to our country. A common phrase heard is that if one person joins the whole family joins. As a community, moreover as a nation there are a few recommended actions from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health we can take for America’s children.

Promote a caring, respectful school environment. Schools provide small learning environments, which foster more interaction. Teachers take steps to support positive peer relationships among their students. Staff members serve as mentors or advisors to individual students or groups.

Encourage academic excellence. School administrators and teachers demonstrate that academics are the focus of school. Schools and teachers develop high expectations for student achievement. In turn, teachers hold students accountable for work completion along with providing support for attaining academic goals, such as providing tutoring or “second-try” opportunities.