What Not to Plant in The Garden

family-in-front-lawn.jpg Fall offers the best time for Houstonians and the surrounding area to plant a fabulous garden. First, we all must make the sacrifice of looking at gardening magazines or blogs that are written by and for those who live north of Dallas. Treat them as eye candy, because northern plants simply will not grow in the South. Find a fairly sunny area with 6 to 8 hours of sunshine. Soil must be prepared properly, incorporate compost and fertilizer. Provide optimum drainage, raised beds are a great idea. Water the soil before planting. Follow recommended planting times religiously. Use much mulch! Attend to your garden daily. Remember if you're gardening magazine doesn’t know what ya’ll, soil (like King Saul), or fixin’ means then they most likely don’t know about gardening in Houston. Remember gardens give back more than it receives.